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How Can I Help the Image of SHO Owners?

I snagged this off of www.nsxprime.com. When I wrote them (and Mr. Joe Martz) for permission to use it I have yet to get a response. A SHO will never be a Ferrari or a NSX and I don't know if it is exotic but it is rare by my standards.  It also plenty fast enough to for us to think more often about responsible ownership and sensible driving.

DARE may not think of SHOs as exotic enough to lead parades, but the general principle applies. I would never want the general public to think of us as rude and aggressive or irresponsible jerks. This code of conduct is a good start. 


Buford T. Justice

Joe Martz has owned 2 NSX's plus several Italian exotics. He recently posted this to the Ferrari list and I thought it was worth repeating.

(NSX Prime)

This morning waiting for F1 qualifying, I ginned-up the following as a personal code for myself. I don't intend this for anyone else, and you have the lovely gift of free-choice to decide on your own about these things. That said, I thought others here might be interested. As a code for myself, I might not always meet the standards I outline. But I firmly believe in self-improvement and all that stuff, so here goes...

My personal code of conduct as an exotic owner

( Copyright 1998, Joe Martz)

  1. My cars will always be clean and well-presentable. I will ensure that my cars are in the highest state of mechanical condition and maintenance. Exotics as indeed rare, and to see one is a special experience. I have an obligation to present these cars to others at a high standard.

  2. I will always be polite, courteous, and friendly. I will not talk down to or ignore anyone, and I will cheerfully answer all questions. Exotic owners wrongly suffer from a "snob" label. By actively and always countering this, I will strive to change this perception among all whom I met.

  3. Where feasible, I will encourage inspection and observation of my cars. If someone is clean and courteous, I will encourage them to sit in my cars. I will actively encourage photographs. In-particular, I will encourage this among younger children. On occasion, I will offer rides to admirers under the appropriate circumstances.

  4. With one exception (see 5, below), I will obey all traffic laws or local traffic customs. Especially, I will pass other cars only in marked, safe passing zones, and I will always respect traffic speeds and noise ordinances within city limits. I will always drive in a defensive manner to protect myself and my vehicle. I will not initiate nor will I respond to challenges to race my cars on open public roads. When asked to race, I will positively comment on the challengers car and invite them to inspect mine at an appropriate stopping point, while asking if I might see their vehicle.

  5. Operating my cars as Enzo, Soichiro and Ferruccio intended will occur only on open, rural routes free of heavy traffic or on appropriately designated race courses. On public highways, I will use my highest powers of observation and diligence to ensure that I place myself, my vehicles, and the public in no additional danger. I will be aware of the environment and road conditions, and I will not drive at excessive speeds on unknown or suspect roads. When approaching blind corners or hills, I will assume that an obstacle exists and will take appropriate defensive measures.

  6. I will share my passion and excitement for exotic cars with others through community service and charitable events. I will actively seek out community organizations such as local police departments and schools and offer my cars for use in events such as DARE programs, homecoming parades, pep rallies, etc. Many communities have "Make a Wish" foundations for sick children. If given the opportunity, I will offer a day with myself and my cars to such organizations in an effort to brighten an otherwise trying life for someone less fortunate than I.

  7. I will be honest and open with other enthusiasts, and I will accurately represent my cars to prospective owners and buyers. I will keep complete records, and I will always follow-up with purchasers of my cars to ensure that they continue to gain maximum satisfaction and appreciation for cars that I have owned and serviced.

  8. I will always have a smile on my face when inspecting, driving, or showing my cars to others. I will never forget how fortunate I've been to own such automobiles and I will constantly remind myself that the future is uncertain, and that today may be as good as it gets.

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