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Increasing Drivers Legroom

Thanks to Paul Shastany

If you want to extend the travel of the drivers seat with a simple 1/2 mod, here is how.

  1. Unbolt the seat.
  2. Unclip the electrical connectors.
  3. Place the seat upside down.
  4. You will see the "screw" shafts.
  5. The front of the shafts have a white nylon bushing about 1 1/4 " long and are sandwiched in between the motor and the frame.
  6. Use a soldering iron or hot knife and score these bushings all the way through to the screw rod..
  7. Do the opposite side so that the bushing will be split in half lengthwise.
  8. Take the bushings out being careful of the screw rod threads.
  9. Put the seat back in
  10. Move the seat back and you will notice the difference.

This modification will not compromise safety.

This is the bad boy you want to eliminate. In my case it is exactly 1" long and there are 2 of them - one on each of the 2 threaded screws. I am 6' 1" and if you need more leg room you are nuts if you don't try this inexpensive mod.  I had my local body shop do the seat and replace a worn door seal at the same time and they scratched up the rocker panel "threshold"  putting the seat back in. I'll get a free 2nd door seal but don't scratch up your door seal if you do this your self. 

My body shop is good and only charged me 1/2 hour for the job. I was not worth doing my self. The seats are held in my a torx drive bolt and can be stubborn.


update 1/17/05

There is a plastic spacer that keeps the seats in at least 96/97 SHO's from going back very far. I think they did that so they could claim better rear knee room. But it didn't let the drivers seat go back far enough for me.

Thanks to Tim Wright finding out about this and doing a mod on his car, I took out my seat and cut off about 90% of the spacer with a grinder. Tim took his spacer out entirely.

Now my drivers seat goes back about an inch more and that makes a huge difference.

The non-power passenger seat did not have a spacer, so I could not do anything about that side.

Maybe the 98/99 versions don't have the spacer, or have a shorter one?

Don Mallinson



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