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DRL Price Update

Thanks Alan


Just wanted to first off complement you and your associates on a fine website for all Gen III SHO owners. It's definitely one of the most useful sites that I've had the privilege of using!

Anyway, I also wanted to update you on the DRL prices: after seeing your listing on how to install / remove DRLs, I went out to buy the DRL module for my '98 SHO (because I'm one of the rare ones that think DRLs are sporty-looking :) ). The cost is not $44, but rather, around $64.00 (at least here in So. California, where I live), and dealerships usually will not have this in stock, citing that it's a special-order item only. Only with the help of the dealership that I bought my SHO from did I manage to find a list of dealerships in the SoCal area that did have the module in stock, which were very few in number.

The mounting brackets will not come with the DRL module. However, I did find that in the general location of where you noted the bracket should go, there are two screws that holds a plastic "shield" to the body that protrudes out towards where the DRL module should be. The topmost screw is located very close to where the top threaded hole of the DRL module is, and I simply used that screw to hold the DRL module in place. The threading on that screw isn't appropriate for the threading on the DRL module screw holes, so it may be necessary to swap the screw with a longer screw that has the appropriate threading on it.

- Alan Quan
- '98 Vibrant White, 45K

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