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Air Pump Replacement

Thanks to Brian

  1. Put the car on ramps, set the emergency brake, block the rear tires.
  2. Remove the plastic cover under the bumper.
  3. Put a jack in the middle of the frame and raise the car up about 2 or 3in.
  4. Unbolt the front of the subframe. (18mm) I had to use a breaker bar and a pipe.
  5. SLOWLY let the jack down. Put a jack stand under the frame in case you slip. You'll see the body settle and the subframe drop down. Let it down far enough so you can see the entire air pump, about 5in.
  6. Remove the hoses from the pump. Use a screwdriver to loosen the metal band.
  7. Disconnect the wiring harness and pop it off the bracket.
  8. Remove the 3 10mm bolts holding the pump on and remove the pump.
  9. Installation is reverse. Use needle nose pliers to tighten the bands around the hoses.

If you need to replace the relay:
After step 7:

  1. Remove the( 2) 10mm nuts on the front of the bracket. There is an 11mm bolt that is hidden on top of the left side. Insert a wrench through the opening in the bottom of the bracket to get to it.
  2. There is a wire that is attached to the top of the bracket, pop it out. The relay is on the right side. Remove the harness from that and the bracket will come out.
  3. The relay is held on by 2 9/32nds bolts. Lubricate them first with WD-40, most likely they will be corroded and they break easy.
  4. Installation is reverse.

I added some electric grease to the connectors to prevent corrosion. Put anti-seize on all the bolts before they are put back in. While the sub-frame is dropped you might want to replace the bushings. ($9.99 ea from www.fordpartsnetwork.com ) Make sure you wear goggles doing this. There is a lot of dirt and salt that will fall in your eyes. When you are finished, disconnect the neg. terminal on the battery to reset the computer.

97 White SHO
Gutted MAF
26mm sway bar
TB bypass

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