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Spark Plug Choice

Thanks to Bob Fijal

Go with the stock Motocraft plugs. They are a fine wire platinum plug. Your local auto parts store will not have them in stock, neither will your dealer most likely. I ordered mine from Carparts.com. Part number is AWSF32FM. I changed my factory plugs at 63,000 miles and to tell the truth they were perfectly good but once you start a plug change, you might as well change em. If you cannot get the Motorcraft plugs, I would go with the Bosh Platinum +4. They are expensive at 6 dollars each but with 4 electrodes there is virtually no chance of a missfire since electricity follows the path of least resistance. DO NOT buy Splitfires...waste of money. The attached photo is a OEM Motorcraft plug and Bosh Platinum +4. Notice the small center electrode on the OEM plug.

Bob Fijal

I personally went with regular Bosch Platinum and have not had any problems since installation. I had 63K on mine ride when I changed them out and the look like SH**. "IN MY OPINION" , I think any plug should be changed every 30K at the max"

Okay I am done....

98 SHO

If you can, get someone who had done the plug change to help you. Once you do it, it is a piece of cake but that first time is a pain. Mac came over at the end and just the 10 minutes he was there and his help saved me an another hours work. It's simple, once you know what your doing..



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