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Pollen Air Filter 

updated 2/4/03

The Pollen Air Filter helps remove particles from the air used to ventilate the cabin.  Over time, this filter becomes dirty and it's replacement becomes necessary.


1. From inside vehicle, pull hood lock release handle to release hood.
2. Note: Rotate nylon push pins 90 degrees to disengage.

Remove four quarter turn nylon push pins retaining RH cowl vent screen.
3. Remove push-on clips retaining RH cowl vent screen and remove RH cowl vent screen from vehicle.

RH Cowl Vent Screen Removal and Installation
right click, view image for larger picture
Item Part Number Description
1 W701649-S Nylon Push-Pin (4 Req'd)
2 018A16 Cowl Vent Screen
3 W701650-S Nut (4 Req'd)
4 -- Push-On Clip (Part of Vacuum Hose)
5 N808342-S307 Push On-Clip
4. Remove two screws retaining cowl top inner panel shield and remove cowl top inner panel shield from vehicle.

5. Remove filter from housing.


1. Note: Pollen filter must be properly positioned in housing.

Install pollen filter into housing.

2. Install cowl top inner panel shield with two retaining screws. Tighten screws to 1.1-1.5 N-m (10-13 lb-in).

3. Install RH cowl vent screen.

4. Install quarter turn nylon push pins and push-on clips to RH cowl vent screen.

5. Close hood.

Part number is Motorcraft FP-14


It is also a NAPA 4773 air filter. Made by Wix. Just bought one the other day, but I had to ask two different guys about it, the first one had no idea. The bar code number on the box is 6580915520. This is the same brand filter I've bought at O'Reillys also. $17.95 at NAPA, I bought one at O'Reilly's for $14.74 but I didn't have a lot of choices at the time.

'98 TR
Clean Cabin Air Filter

I bought a Purolator "Passenger Compartment Air Filter" from Pep Boys today for $12.99 part number is C25082
I have not installed it yet, but trust the fine folks at Pep Boys would not steer me wrong ;-)

Eric Eaton 96SF

The cabin air filter became a dealer-installed option in '99. You'll have to open up that filter area to see if your dealer gave you a filter or not. A lot of dealers left them out and several '99 owners were surprised when they went to replace their old filter only to find they had no old filter to replace. If yours didn't come with a filter you can just buy one and drop it in there. The rest of the system is all there just not the actual filter. Strange cost cutting by Ford. Go figure.


My '99 did not come with a cabin air filter.

The filter was about $14 I believe....and they were going to charge me like 1/2 labor to install it.

And at $75/hour I was not having it.

The mechanic couldn't believe that I was going to install it myself. I was pissed that they were charging me for it in the first place.

If you have a '99....you might want to check to see if you have a cabin air filter.

Just my .02...

Mark G. Hlady
'99 Black 30K
Moderator at

You can go to home depot and buy the filter material which is used in your central home heating system. Fold it up, then cut some edges. Please use some caution to make sure that it will stay there and not get sucked in or fall out.

Just another option...use at your own risk =D


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