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Slotted Rotors

The KVR gas-slotted or cross-drilled rotors are cheaper compared to the one that Powerslot makes. Thatís if the prices that are listed on the website are up to date. Here's the part numbers and prices from Powerslot. Gas-slotted rotors only.

RF 8149PSR $115.20
LF 8149PSL $115.20
RR 8139PSR $72.27
LR 8139PSL $72.27

I'm planning to use gas-slotted or cross-drilled rotors to upgrade the ones we have on the SHO but at the same I want to upgrade the whole brake system to a 2 or 4 piston calipers from Brembo or Baer or Wilwood. The thing is I don't want a 17" wheel. I still want the 16" wheels but at least 7" - 7.5" wide. Right now, the bendix titanium metallic front pads will suffice. Upgrades will be done when money is not an issue.

Rene Carlos Cruz
Sterling Heights, MI
98 SF
K & N Panel filter
PIAA 9007s
Police Interceptor Club
Bendix Titanium Metallic front pads
Sunrise Red-Colored Brake Calipers

Good drilled rotors are cast that way and stress relieved.

If you drill rotors that are not cast that way you sacrifice rotor surface area and thermal weight and because of the thermal cycling the chance of rotor failure is very high.

www.shotimes.com has a huge write up on this.




If you need to spend more money on rotors get them cyro treated they will then wear much longer.



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