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Cell Phone Mount

Thanks to Mark Hlady


Get a $25 Pro-Fit cell phone mount for the Taurus. I put mine in about 10 minutes with a set of $2 DIN tools. No holes visible and it looks great. Very sturdy too.

Any cup will attach to this mount.....

See my pic page for a pic of where I mounted my 800mhz scanner. I recently put a CB on top of it and mounted the CB microphone behind the cell phone mount....accessible but out of the way.

When you have the oval out to put the Pro-Fit in.....run the GPS power supply cord down through the dash.

Put in a $10 Radio Shack 3 way accessory power supply on the passenger side.... (see pic).

They don't call me gadget man for nothing ;-).

If you need any more pics or advice...let me know.

Good luck....

Mark G. Hlady
'99 Black 30K
Moderator at

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