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Trailer Hitch

Thanks to Keith Fromme

updated 6/01/2004

Haven't posted on the list lately, but here's some info that could benefit some of you considering adding a trailer hitch.  Since I recently sold my Mustang I have had some extra cash so a few days ago I bought a jet ski.  I wanted to be able to tow it with the SHO and after some research I found one that was made specifically for the SHO.  After just installing it today I can say I'm very pleased and impressed with the fit and quality.  I have some pictures I'll e-mail to you if you'd like and if Buford wants to he can add a short write up on the web site.

It was extremely easy to install.  I found it at www.etrailer.com at an outstanding price.  It is made by drawtite, part number 36252.  and the price was only $89.95.  I thought that was pretty good.  While there I went ahead and ordered the drawbar part # 36063, and the wiring harness for the SHO part number 183337, and the 2" ball I needed, part number 19258.  On their website you don't need to have the part numbers as they have a search engine that finds it for you.  All you do is enter your year make and model. All of this was delivered to my door for $168.

The draw-tite hitch mounted easily, looks strong, and actually sits deep in from the rear of the bumper so it's barely noticeable.  No drilling required.  There are 2 existing holes in the frame rails that are used and the other 2 mounting points are done by simply removing 2 bolts from the bumper mount and replacing them with the longer bolts supplied with the hitch.  You don't even see the cross bar like you do on most other hitches. All that is visible is the square receiver tube the draw bar goes in to. And you can only see that if you squat down.  Standing up you can't even see it.  The wiring harness they sent was a snap to install.  No cutting or splicing.  The factory connectors just plugged right it to it.  Well worth the money I spent.  I looked around and couldn't even find one priced for what I got everything shipped to me for.

Obviously you don't want to pull something real heavy, but this is only a class 2 hitch anyway.  Hope this may help someone with the decision making process.  I just can't believe how concealed it all is.  I was afraid I'd have a big ugly hitch showing, but not this one.

shohitch007.jpg (198036 bytes)

shohitch001.jpg (202368 bytes)

shohitch003.jpg (215356 bytes)

shohitch006.jpg (199575 bytes)



A quick check of the Reese hitch web site shows two models (insta-hitch 77 and shadow 79)
that are for a GEN II Taurus but both are marked as not being suitable for an SHO. Do you have
an alternative suggestion and/or can either of these be modified to suit an SHO?


John Logan



U-haul has two models that fit the Gen III SHO.

1. receiver type that shows from under the bumper, ball
mount slides straight in. This is what I put on my car.

2. Receiver style that hides up farthur under the car, and
the ball mount slides in at an angle, and makes the turn to
come under the bumper and out. This is less visible, but
you really have to get on your hands and knees and under the
car to put in the ball mount. As I am getting older and my
knees don't like gravel, I took option #1, it is hard to see
under the car unless you are a ways behind it.

U-haul installation can be spotty, and not very good in some
locations, but the one in Peoria, IL has a good installer
and they did a great job. The light adapter also wired in
easy and has a set of extra lights on it to let you know
when things are working right.

Don Mallinson


What type of wiring did you use for the hitch ???
Did you have to "hard wire" the hitch, or were you able to use a T-Connector that plugs into
the taillight assembly ??
This is my next step...already installed the hitch.
All that I can find around here (Scranton, Pa) is the wiring to "hard wire".....I would prefer to use the
T-Connector (no cutting into wires- just plugs in).

Stan Phillips


The connector that U-haul put on my car was a universal I
think that had to be spliced into the wires, but that is
pretty easy in the trunk. I just had them put a long lead
on it, and when I need it, I just let it hang out the trunk
and close the lid on it. The seal has plenty of give. You
can choose whatever type of connector you want.

Don Mallinson

If you go to uhaul.com and enter in the information (eg: year, model), they will give you the hitch #'s that will fit.
I just installed the 36301 on my 1997 SHO.
You have to make sure that you get one for a SHO....the dual exhaust with the chrome "tips" are a problem if you
get a hitch that will fit just a Taurus.
I found this out the hard way...
The hitch is pretty easy to install (once you get the right one).

Below are the results for a '97 SHO from U-Haul

Hitch results

Hitch # Type Class Finish Details
24632 Sportframe Rec. 1 Black
24990 Sportframe Rec. 1 Black Not available online, please call 1-800-GO-UHAUL.
36252 Heavy Duty Rec. 2 Black Not available online, please call 1-800-GO-UHAUL.
36301 Heavy Duty Rec. 2 Black
37101 Stealth Rec. 2 Black


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