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12 Volt Source of Accessories

New 5/15/05

My daughter got me some ricer pedals that light up (I have to put them on because my daughter got them) Any way I was going to use the Headlight switch to connect them to but when I had the switch out I noticed that there was another plug sitting right at the back that was capped (Not used). I pulled it out as it's clipped on (need a screw driver to pry it out) and it is the Wiper/Washer Plug for the Wagons. So if any one is looking for a 12 volt source that works in Run/Accessory only that's a good one. It also had enough wire that I could pull it out the headlight switch hole to make connections and it already has a ground going to it. Not sure if any one has made mention of it before.


Iíve never noticed that before, are you talking about the headlight controls switch or the multifunction switch? Got a quick pic of it?


No pic but It's behind Headlight Control Switch. Once you have the switch out or just hanging there just look in and it is clipped at the back. Pry the clip out with a screw driver, pull the plug out and 12 volt power and a ground all in one.


Well I did kind of set her straight. I took back the lighted washer nozzles she also got me. Those scream ricer but the pedals actually don't look to bad.


Interesting. I bet there are more hidden non-used connectors behind the dash too. Here is the connector pinout and location (E-10)


Found it!

97 ES

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