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16 or 18 or 21 Gallon Tank?

New 7/24/05

Looking over the EVAP stuff I found this tid-bit. It is a way to prove the tank capacity. Anyone had there tank off?

Evaporative Emission Valve
NOTE: Vehicles equipped with a 68 liter (18 gallon) fuel tank (9002) require the use of two evaporative emission valves (9B593). Vehicles equipped with a 61 liter (16 gallon) fuel tank use only one evaporative emission valve.

The evaporative emission valve is mounted in a rubber grommet at a central location in the upper surface of the fuel tank.

In the enclosed diagram item 1 is only on the 18 gallon tank, item 4 is on both.


Hahahahahahaha - 18 gal tank is for the Flex fuel option on the 3.4 right? !!

Rick B

Resend. Picture crashed when sending - DOH !

Based on your picture, Flipping your image over 180', and matching it to my attached picture - One can look at the lower right corner of the tank in my photo and deduce that this 97 SHO tank can only be a 16 gallon tank.


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