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171,000 Mile Question

New 11/22/05

If my SHO has this amount of miles and runs great, should I even bother with cam welding? Is this too many miles to join the lawsuit? I just bought this car, before I learned a lot about it through v8sho.com. It is a 97SF.

Rob Harris

 That's just a few miles over where my front cam let go.

   k mier

Chances are by 171K, you need a thorough intake cleaning, plug change, etc. anyway.  Might as well get the cams welded and get all the good stuff that usually goes with it.

Dan Carman

I can't put a finger on anything logical to tell the difference between a 10,000 mile cam and a 200,000 mile cam but I can tell you that they are both made the same - POORLY. I've seen enough Old Ladies Cam failures to be nervous around these engines WHENEVER they are running Unwelded. The only REAL Questions are related to future expense anticipations. Will the car be retired soon for SOME OTHER reason due to its high mileage? Then save your money. Do you like this car and plan on driving it for a while? Spend the money. Would the sudden loss of the use of this car ruin your day? Spend the money. Unless your motor fails AT NESHO, On the lift, you should fairly expect to be without the car for a minimum of 1 month and out at least $3500.00 if you are a lucky cam failure.


Well said, Eric.  Just as a point of reference, the list shows 27 failures at 150k+.  Indicates to me that they can let go at any time.  And, just because a car is high mileage, doesn't make the fix any cheaper.  - Brad

   ...or it could have all ready been a cam failure.  We don't know if he is  the original owner.-    k mier

Maybe it's already welded or perhaps pinned. - Jason Barker

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