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2004 Convention

new 10/24/03, updated 1/4/2004, updated 5/23/2004

OK.... Now that the list is back, here's the hotel poop for next year.....

It's definitely the Holiday Inn in Vallejo, as was briefed at the convention, and as is shown in pictures (I think....if not, it will be soon) on the website.

The dates will be....July 12 thru July 15, 2004. The rate is $79 per night. I've reserved 100 rooms for those nights, 50 for the preceding Sunday night, and 20 for the preceding Saturday night. For Friday night, there are 40 reserved, and for Saturday night (the 17th), there are 10. If anyone wants to stay longer before or after the convention at the SHOClub rate, that is possible, but the reservation needs to be made directly with me, or with the director of sales, with whom I've been working.

For confirmation purposes, the address of the hotel is.......

1000 Fairgrounds Drive, Vallejo, Ca., 94589

The direct 800 number for the hotel is 800-533-5753. Local is 707-644-1200. The national number for Holiday Inns is 800-465-4329.

Tell the reservation person in Vallejo you want the group rate for the SHOClub CarSHO. The three letter code is "CAR". According to my contact, this information is enough, along with the correct dates, to insure that you get the $79 rate.

Let me know via Email if there are any problems, and I can straighten them out, or confirm your reservation for you....you'll have to call with your own CCard....I won't do that!! ;-)

The rooms go back to the hotel 30 days prior to the convention. If you haven't made reservations by then, you're probably out of luck. MAKE THEM NOW....YOU CAN ALWAYS CANCEL LATER. It happens every year....the rooms are gone, and folks decide they want to go when it is too late to get a good rate. There are a couple of hotels nearby, a few miles either side of this one, but the rates and accommodations may or may not be competitive. I'll have information on them on the website, too. It may be a week or so before I get to working on it....I don't have my fast dial-up connection anymore (new house is too far down the phone trunk), and we can't get cable or DSL here until next spring.

I'll be able to get discounted tickets for 6-Flags Marine World for a group of 15 or more people. The prices will be in the low to middle 20s, where the regular price is 44 bucks a day, and the hotel price is 27 a day. (These were '03 prices.....'04 should be similar.) There will be a line on the Convention entry form for tickets for 6-Flags.

George Fourchy


Registration Form now available. 

Registration Form

Don't hesitate to get your reservations made as the Host Hotel will fill quickly. See Ya in California!!



May 23, 2004

Well, seeing as how I can't sleep,  I stayed up all night putting some web pages together.  There are two new ones now, with links at the bottom of the home page, one for Alcatraz Island, and the other for hot air ballooning.  We have a lot of ballooning in the Napa Valley in the early mornings, and some of you might want to try that.  It's kind of expensive, about $125 a ticket, I think, but it's a unique way to see the valley, and for a once in a
lifetime trip, it might be what you want to do. 

Alcatraz is more reasonable, and is often sold out far in advance on a given day.  You can check the websites I've listed to see if you want to do either thing.  There's also the golf page I made a week or two ago, at Ron Porter's request, if you are into golfing.

There will later be more links to pages on places to drive to, like Yosemite
National Park, Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks, Monterey Bay and Santa Cruz,
and the Redwood Highway, up along the north coast.  If my nose gets fully fixed,
I'll take a few of these trips first, to get good pictures and the latest


All of this information including registration forms can be found on www.shoclub.com


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