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2005 Indy Convention - Postcards from the Edge

New 7/17/05, updated every day during the convention


Midwest Caravan arrived safe sound, and SW9 is still running!! We expect the CN/East Coast Contingent around 8:00 or so. Then just hanging in the parking lot.

Tomorrow will be R&R day with round of golf in the morning, then final preparations for the cars that will be judged on Tuesday. Couple of really clean GIII' TR's have already arrived. Got my work cut out for me. Y'all behave, I have no intention of doing so. See ya tomorrow.

-- Larry Eck

My single car caravan from TN made it safe and sound, just over 300 miles in about 4 hours, didn't see a single SHO until I hit the Marriott parking lot. I take that back, I spotted this one on top of a stack of SLO's in a junkyard on the side of the interstate, stopped to take a look at it, but they were closed.

Rick Glass '99 SF 74k


We decided this morning to take care of some stuff with our vending/foto booth business we had originally planned on putting off until we returned from Indy . Just before we got there it stumbled, then made it up the last hill only to die as we crested. I coasted off onto the shoulder of the closest exit ramp and proceeded to trouble-shoot and replace a dead fuel pump on the gravel of the shoulder after a real incredibly nice guy stopped to give us a ride to the closest parts store. By time we got back on the road I was dirty, sweaty and in no shape to call on some of the locations we have equipment set at. So bright and early tomorrow morning on our way out to Indy we are going to make some detours to take care of what we missed today that may cause us to pull in to Indy nearly as late as we rolled up into San Francisco after making the detour through Hoover Damn and Vegas.

See you all later...
Carter Fuji


I think if I went to this years convention I might send a long a few news crumbs so that the less fortunate folks who missed out could share a little in the festivities ......



Car SHOw judging concluded in the last hour. Eric's SHOfa and oil filters were quite a hit as there was a small "lounge" setup with a genII office chair, Larry's new Gen III office chair (with power lumbar) on either side of the Gen I SHOfa.

Had about 10 gen III's in the car SHOw. Almost time to get ready for the drivers meeting, this evening many are going go carting. Gotta go.

Scott Krietemeyer

all you blackberry havin, highly cutting edge technological guys need to send us some pics : )


Here are some pics of GEN 3s from the car show.



(RE SHOfa + Chairs)

Couple of folks have asked about this. Here is the picture. Josh's chair on the left as you look at the picture, shofa in center, and my GIII Saddle chair on the right. My thanks to Scott K for fabbing that. You can rest assured that will be the captains chair in my new home office when I finally get to post again to the site. - UL

Thanks, Paul. I LOVE the office chairs.


I like the chairs too! The cars are looking great, wish I could be there. Thanks for keeping us up to date Paul.


Thanks for the info on the pics. Hopefully we will get to go next year.


Like that second pic too! Here is one from one end of the lot. I really couldn't get all the SHO's from any angle unless I was up on the roof of the hotel I guess.

Carter Fuji


Well I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, but as usual fast times at SHO#14.

Tuesday dawned with the finest examples of GIII's I have seen. Everybody up with the dawn patrol, some less enthusiastic then others based on parking lot activities the previous evening. None the less get in line for final car wash, and final detailing in preparation for judging. DID I MENTION FREAKING HOT!!!!!!!!!! By 0800 everybody was dripping with sweat but that didn't sway them from their missions. @0900 Eric SHO's up with the SHOFA and some teaching aids. I added my newly acquired GIII office chair to Josh's GI and the SHOFA in the middle and we created the SHO Lounge.

As I was busy myself just trying to keep SW9 in the mix, I did not get any opportunity to visit the GI/II's. There were some monster examples in the lot though. Kirk and Tony were given the unfortunate job of judging. Almost without exception every GIII was SHO quality and deserved gold. We will find out tonight.

Wednesday, started much the same as Tuesday - bleary eyed at 0430. Off to Putnman Park and a day of BAKING in the sun. Yours truly got tagged for Tech inspections, we pumped @80 cars through an oven like shed in just over an hour. HEAD EM UP - MOVE EM OUT!! As I was also tagged as an instructor I got to go out on the cold track on cold tires. My reign of asphalt racin is over:{ Hit the grass on Turn 7 which I arrogantly decided I could carry more speed. Wrong answer. Many folks passed on the last session of the day just simply due to heat exhaustion. Back to the hotel and the POOL. Wednesday evenings parking lot gatherings dispersed uncharacteristically early. Hmm don't know why.

This morning got to sleep in till 0600 - Luxury city. Off to IRP and a little piece of Drag Racing History. Of course I care about times, but IMHO it'll be soo cool to have time slips from that track. This evening will be the banquet and final gathering after sundown in the lot. Should be interesting, I'll let you know

Larry Eck

Latest update from IRP today....

First off......HOT!!!!! 96 degrees per the cars, with humidity to match from the thunderstorms last night.

Kirk and his black-and-red '95 MTX took the MTX class.

Scott Macintosh (sp?) in a Gen 3 took ATX class.

Glen Murdock in his Marauder took the Non-SHO class.

Scott beat Kirk for the Overall SHO Drag Champ.

Glen and Scott then raced and Glen won as Overall Drag Champ.

Banquet coming up in a couple of hours.....gotta buy beer for tonight!!!

Ron Porter

and Glen's Marauder is that real nice black cherry color right? I'm sure the paint is called something else

Scott Mac you on this list? Congratulations!!

thanks for the update, man I wish I could have seen it

Chris Farmer

Scott, has been a lurker, semi participant for a few years. There may be more news about he and his TR. When Ron sez it was hot - he wasn't kidding. BTW U.L. Discovered that when you're getting ready to launch in the eliminations after running decent R/T;s - It's best not to be in second. Asshat award to me. Also Harvey, who is not on the list, with a Gold Standard 99 V.W. Launched in reverse - still checking to see if tooth marks came out of the steering wheel. No Photos of my agri-racing - I checked with DRP this afternoon. Packing after banquet and heading back up North. Hope it's just a little cooler. Will ltry to get one more postcard about the awards later. - UL

Keep the reports coming. Sounds like you guys are having one helluva time.

I can't wait for the pictures...

Ron F.

Here's a sample pic from the banquet to get you started.

I'm sure plenty more will follow.

Rick Glass


I should get the award for dumbest dial-in. Scott even suggested a much lower dial-in but I thought because of the heat after lunch I was going to be a lot slower anyway. Of course I end up having my best pass after struggling all day to get the Whoosh to jump into 3rd gear (kept going through the lights bouncing the 8,000 RPM rev limiter in second and still running 14.2). Decided I would play it safe and dial in 15.2. I catch a real good light and everything works as it is supposed to with a little shift-trick as I let off the gas just slightly it snaps into third, As I am approaching the 1,200' lights I see Scott way back in my rear view mirror and step on the brakes blowing through the lights 14.2,

Carter Fuji


This still isn't better than the yellow Ski-Doo helmet at Lapeer a couple years ago. IIRC, I don't think anyone got any pics/video of that though.

Ian is a funny guy, the best part is it's usually unexpected when he does something funny, catching you off guard.


Well the banquet was quite the affair. I'm sure I'm going to forget a name but here goes for the GIII awards:

Silver - Paul Nimz
Gold - Scott MacIntosh
Ian McComb (El Jahad)
Uncl Lar
Roman Steichen ( I think)
Mike Gillespie (I think)

I'm sure I forgot someone. let me know. Was it Carter?? Don made an announcement that son Ken will be handling the Convention duties next year. Don needs to take some time off. He will be acting int he capacity of consultant, and it's most important to Don that the event continue, no matter who the poor sap is that is stuck with the duties. (j/k)

As usual, Don, Jan, their son Donny Jr, and all those on site who helped out at the various venues made the event a screaming success. BTW Scott did kick some serious ass at IRP. As hot as it was he was still posting 15.4's as was Ian's FreakSHO. At the end of the day Scott Mac did one hell of a dial in job. Like I said I had them all whuuped until I staged in 2nd..... wahhhhhhhh!!! Was another great time. Those that didn't make it, schedule abut the same time next year and be there.

The parking lot events in the evening alone are worth the price of admission. I got to unpack SW9 and get some shut eye.

Larry Eck

excellent!, congratulations. Mr Nimz showing off his Advanced technique

how's Mike's system sound ?

what were the scores based on ?

Chris F

I just got back home, 550 mile drive covered in just under 8 hours. I'm pooped. I had a helluva time, I will definitely go next year. It was nice meeting everyone, nice to finally put faces on names (and Colorado-sized attitudes :P) I have a little over 300 pictures to get uploaded and I will provide a
link to them.

Roman S

Yes, displayed them Monday night, no other time or place/room to set them up though.

It was the most hectic week for me that I can remember since Peoria in '92. But I am home, I think everyone had a good time, and I don't think anyone got hurt.

We had some new friends, some good friends came again, some old friends came back after missing a couple.

Tim, you were missed, but maybe you can come next year.

Ken and Jodie had a baby girl today, Elizabeth Virginia Mallinson. Everyone is doing fine. We all high tailed it back from Indy a day early to see her on the first day.\

Don Mallinson

Timothy Wright wrote:

> Did Don remember the Head Cross Sections?
> Buford

Many pictures courtesy of SHOcal





Been a looong week. I have over 300 shots, 8 digital videos to look at. I'll get to it.  UL

I did manage to get a few pics.
Rick Glass
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On 7/22/05, SHOWHAT9 <showhat9@gmail.com> wrote:

> Scott Mac did one hell of a dial in job.

It wasn't his dial in it was his reaction time. He ET was a tenth and a half off. Mine was 0.085 off.

Here's the slip

      Me Scott
Dial 15.40 15.85
R/T  .312 .055
60' 2.431  2.448
330'  6.667 6.832
1/8  10.091 10.387
mph 71.63 69.89
1000 13.014  13.438
1/4 15.485 16.037
mph 90.00 83.87

    In other news. My AC was blowing warm air in Indiana but after Scott K. checked my clutch gap (it's on the high side but not too bad) it's been working fine. Worked the rest of the way home. And Scott fixed my power antenna. It's only been a year. He grinded an impact socket and used an impact wrench to get it off.

Also, we stopped for Arby's (aka Awwbee's in Kirkalese) outside of Syracuse and ran into Josh and Julie getting gas. We had a mini caravan going until I got clocked doing 80 in a 65 following Josh.


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