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A Pillar Gauge Pods

new 4/26/2004, updated 4/27/2004

I promised some of you pictures of my pod gauges so here they are.

I used Autometer Phantom series electric gauges. Both the tranny temp and oil pressure are 90 degree sweep. You will notice that I rotated the tranny temp gauge so that I could see the temp readout more easily than if the gauge was straight.

I made up a wiring harness so that I could easily remove the gauges when bringing the car to the dealer for service just so the don't have an extra excuse to make warranty claims difficult for me (don't laugh they tried it once already when I brought the car in for a wheel bearing replacement).

The black and white leads tied together are power for the gauge lamps and the red, brown, black and yellow are the sender hot and ground leads.

The pod was attached using permatex plastic epoxy with a couple of screws and plastic push pins for good measure. If you decide to use this stuff mix it in a well ventilated area because it smells very very very bad. Make sure to rough up the new pod on both the inside and outside, when everything is dry use Ford interior varnish to color match your trim.

Gotta tell you, I love the white face, will match my cluster nicely. Great Job!!!!





Some time ago I did the A pillar gauge pod just like you did with a couple of exceptions:

1. I used machine screws to hold the pod on to the pillar. A much tighter rattle free install.

2. I also painted the pod with FoMoCo interior paint. Looks factory installed.

3. I dont have white gauge faces on the cluster. I found a Stewart Warner line that has colors and pointers really close to the factory design. (Oil Press and Voltage) Not exact, but close enough. Everyone wonders if it is from the factory like that.

4. I found greenish/blue bulb covers for the nighttime illumination. Once again, it all looks to be a very close match to the factory cluster and uniform in illumination.

I dont have a picture, but could probably get one if you like.


David R. Flamer
99 TG, Welded
A Pillar Pod

Thanks David - in all fairness, those are not my gauges, but I wish they were. Author didn't want any recognition. I can respect that.


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