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ATX Diag from Alldata

new 8/10/04

According to www.alldatadiy.com, this is the starting point for diagnosing transmission problems:


Troubleshooting an electronically controlled automatic transaxle is simplified by using the proven method of diagnosis. One of the most important things to remember is that there is a definite procedure to follow. DO NOT TAKE SHORT CUTS OR ASSUME THAT CRITICAL CHECKS OR ADJUSTMENTS HAVE ALREADY BEEN MADE. Follow the procedures as written to avoid missing critical components or steps.

To properly diagnose a concern, the technician should have the following publications available:

Using the Diagnostic Flow Chart as a guide, follow the steps as indicated.

Preliminary Inspection


By following the diagnostic sequence, the service technician will be able to diagnose and repair the concern the first time.

Preliminary Inspections

Before any diagnostic testing is done on a vehicle, some preliminary checks must be performed as follows. Be sure to note findings, especially any DTCs found, for future reference.

Verification of Condition

The following items must be checked before proceeding:

Know and Understand the Concern
In order to properly diagnose a concern you must first understand the customer complaint or condition. Customer contact may be required in order for the technician to begin to verify the concern. You must understand the conditions when the concern occurs. For example:

After understanding when and how the concern occurs then proceed to verifying the concern.

Verification of Condition
This provides information which must be used in both determining the actual cause of customer concerns and performing the appropriate service procedures.

The following procedures must be used when verifying customer concerns for the AX4N transaxle:

Required Equipment

CAUTION: To properly diagnose an AX4N transaxle, the Rotunda Transmission Tester 007-00130 or equivalent must have been updated for AX4N compatibility. The Rotunda AX4N Transmission Tester Update (007-00105) includes internal software and related components and a new cable and overlay. Inspect your tester for the "AX4N Compatible" label located near the tester's cable connector. If the label is missing, do not use the tester to diagnose the AX4N transaxle.

Determine Customer Concern

NOTE: If noise/vibration, check for dependencies, either rpm dependent, vehicle speed dependent, shift dependent, gear dependent, range dependent or temperature dependent.

NOTE: Some AX4N transaxle conditions may cause engine concerns. The torque converter clutch not disengaging will stall the engine.

Visual Inspection

This inspection will identify modifications or additions to the vehicle operating system that may affect diagnosis.

  1. Vehicle modification.
  2. Electronic add-on items:
  1. Leaks
  2. Proper linkage adjustments.
  3. These items, if not installed properly, will affect powertrain control module or transaxle function. Pay particular attention to add-on wiring splices in the powertrain control module harness or transaxle wiring harness, abnormal tire size, or axle ratio changes.



Paul L Fisher

1999 Ford Taurus SHO TR 68K - Kirk'ed 2/29/04.

 Ok. That tells us that the shifter is actually shifting the transmission quadrant. If the fluid is fairly red, I would venture to guess the torque converter is hosed. This is getting a little past my field of knowledge. Anyone? Anyone? Bueler? 


Paul L Fisher

1999 Ford Taurus SHO TR 68K - Kirk'ed 2/29/04.

From: william duckworth [mailto:balrog100@msn.com]
Sent: Thursday, August 05, 2004 4:03 PM
To: sho@paul-fisher.com
Subject: RE: transmission problem


yes it has fluid and no leaks. The car is still at the shop so i am not able to tell you about the fluid smell but it was red when i checked it yesterday, though it was not bright red. No SES light and, yes, the car revs but no movement but it does at times drives and it will roll when in neutral.

98 SHO blk

>An obvious question, is it full of fluid? What does the fluid smell like?

>What does it look like? Is it bright red or kind of brown? Any SES light? If

>so, what code? When you say it doesn't move, doesn't move at all? Engine rev

>and no movement? Can you push the car if it is in Neutral?

> >Paul L Fisher

Subject: transmission problem

> Hello all,

>Been awhile since I was on the list, but I have returned home to find my car not in great shape! It seems I have a tranny problem that you all may be able to help me with. My car does not go into gear most of the time and when she does she doesn't stay in gear (D,2,1 or reverse). The tranny is making no noise that would indicate serious damage or grinding gears, no thunking,

>clunking, or popping, but acts as if she is in love with neutral. So I have taken her to a tranny shop here in town and they said that the tranny needs to be rebuilt, no surprise there that they would say that. So I called Ford and they want over a hundred just to diagnose the problem so I decided to become a SHO mailing list junkie once again:) and ask you all for your opinion.

The car has 90,000+ miles on her and has had maintenance done in the past for the tranny and I have never had any problems other than a occasional hard shift into second, but has been happening ever since I bought the car in '99. There seems to be no noise or loose play coming from the shifter, but it could be from the piont on the tranny itself? Or possibly a sensor?

>Or maybe I am just doomed to shell out 1800!


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