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AX4N Damages

new 11/08/2008

OK, we got the valve body out, found the broken clip minus one half of one leg. The Forward Clutch Control Valve piece that goes through the spring and up against the clip is pretty scuffed up. A call to local stealer said that they no longer sell the individual parts, just the assembly for $850. My thoughts are to sand off the burrs, reassemble and pray it works. Any thoughts? Still looking for the broken piece.


I'm pretty sure almost all the AX4N parts are available aftermarket.

Paul N

I did see used and rebuilds available, back when I was looking.

IIRC used were about $150-$200, and rebuilds were about $350.

Just FWIW.


Thanks to everyone who has offered advice. This is what has taken place. We decided after thinking quite a lot to go ahead and clean things up and get it all back together with the new clips and seals in place. The portion that was chewed up is the part that fits inside of the spring and the end makes contact with the clip. Although it was chewed up, it still had its original length. The ugly picture shows it after I had already removed an "ear" that was the result of trying to squeeze past the clip. We never did find the broken part of the clip so that makes us nervous. But we got it all back together only having to turn around once after we had the pan all back on and starting to replace the engine cradle when I asked Jake if he had remembered to hook up the shifter linkage inside the pan. A few cuss word substitutes were uttered and off came the pan again. With it finally back together we held our breath and took it for a test drive. Everything worked perfectly. So now we keep our fingers crossed and hope that little broken chunk doesn't decide to cause havoc!

Thanks again for all of your help,

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