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AZ Brake Pads

new 02/09/2008

Thought I'd pass this along. It appears that AZ has screwed up their computer listings for SHO brake pads. For their ceramic front brakes, they listed part # DG 601 for '96-'00. This is wrong. A check of other pads for the SHO listing were also for the regular Taurus. We found the correct size, part # DG 598, under the '01 Taurus Duratec 3.0 listing. They also had another ceramic front pad listing (not Duralast) for the 3.4. These turned out to be correct REAR pads.

I, along with many other members, have found that when dealing with counter people, it's best to reference 1996 SHO 3.4L. It seems their systems can recognize that year better than all others.


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