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Admirers & Adulation

Updated 8/27/01

One of the perks of this job is the many wonderful, kind, articulate, educated and informed car lovers I meet. Then every rare once in a while I get a letter like this. What a relief he can't appreciate a SHO. If he liked a SHO - then I would worry.

If you enjoy prose like this feel free to drop him a note of gratitude, just click on the link to his email address any type away anything you feel appropriate. 

Have fun,

Buford T. Justice

youre a corny mother fucker, specifically on that one article you wrote "police interceptor what ifs". that one guy who responded to the article made you look like a fuckin moron. i test drove 2 different 97 SHO's and found that they werent shit.


I never spoke to you in profanities, attacked you personally, questioned your integrity, intelligence or ability to spell and punctuate. I don't talk to others that way and I don't tolerate it my-self.

Anything you put out on the WWW or E mail is public. It is on your ISP server and mine. The CIA, FBI and NSA had a copy before I got the original. If you wrote from work your employer has a copy. If I read it at work my employer has a copy.

If you are not proud of relating to me in such a manner I recommend you learn to how to relate to others you meet in an adult to adult mode.

I don't need your permission to make public something sent to me. Once I receive it, legally I have possession and the right to do what ever I like. I didn't change a thing you wrote.

We take comments - both negative and positive on V8 SHO, we do not tolerate profanities, slander and illiteracy with the same poise.

If this is an apology, it is a half hearted at best. Send me a sincere public apology and I will remove the one page you don't like within one week of receipt.

One other thing, We sign our work here. We don't hide behind E mail address.

CC: abuse@CS.com 

Timothy Wright,
aka Buford T. Justice


  --- Original Message -----
From: <Dex44879@cs.com>
To: <timwright@msn.com>
Sent: Sunday, August 26, 2001 1:14 AM
Subject: V8SHO.com%20Website

> This letter is directed to Buford Justice. I just wanted to express to him my
> dissapointment in him posting my comments. Those comments were directed to
> Tim Wright, and were my own personal viewpoints. They were not meant for
> v8sho.com members to view.  If he can't take animated criticism, then he
> should delete his address. I feel everyone deserves to be heard pro SHO or
> not. In re-thinking how I worded my letter, being as it is public access now,
> I would have edited the profanities. You also made my e-mail address public
> access as well, to which I did not consent, or give you permission to do
> which also concerns me. I am sorry if anyone was personally offended by my
> comments, and now realize that comments of any negative nature are not
> welcomed on this site.

Thank you, apology accepted.

You don't have to like SHO's but I would not talk at another human the way you felt comfortable talking to me, even if they could not afford shoes - much less a car.

Timothy Wright
aka Sheriff Buford T. Justice.

----- Original Message -----

From: <Dex44879@cs.com>
To: <timwright@msn.com>
Sent: Sunday, August 26, 2001 10:25 PM
Subject: Re: V8SHO.com%20Website

> Tim, now that I have had the chance to hear the real you and not the sarcasm,
> which I don't blame you a bit after what I wrote, I am very ashamed of what I
> posted. Before I read your last e-mail I still felt no remorse, but after you
> enlightened me, I realized that what I did was very immature, and
> disrespectful. If I had the chance to re-write my comments I would do so in a
> respectful, and professional manner. I now understand that everyone has the
> right to their own opinion, but no one has the right to bash others with
> differing opinions. I want to deeply apolagize not only to you, but to the
> entire v8sho.com community. I am once again truly sorry for the idiotic, and
> offending remarks I made.

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