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Air Conditioning Cuts Out

New 5/23/2004

Hello all

My AC blows cold in fact very cold. However when in hot temperatures and stop and go traffic it will just stop blowing cold. When I stop and restart the car it will usually start blowing cold again.

Is this the Compressor Cut off switch malfunctioning? I called the dealer and they said there
is a Hi and Lo Pressure switch. Which is it and where is it located?

Jason Weick


Sounds like you might be experiencing the A/C clutch air gap issue. When
the A/C is blowing hot air, take a broom stick and give the center of the
A/C clutch a push and see if it engages and actually starts blowing cold air
for a bit (just be careful). A/C clutch is on the compressor down low up

Good luck,

Scott Krietemeyer


I am having a similar problem. Pretty shore my problem is the clutch. Advance
Auto Parts has a kit, which includes coil, hub & assembled  pulley. Has anyone
replaced the clutch?

97 SHO
Steve Pulisic


I've seen previous posts regarding the spacers for the A/C clutch, but don't remember the specifics... When putting a new compressor in, how many spacers should be put in place?



A/C Clutch Air Gap
Check air gap between A/C clutch (2884) and A/C clutch pulley mating surfaces in three locations equally spaced around A/C clutch pulley (2E884). Record air gap measurements.
Rotate A/C clutch pulley one-half turn (180 degrees) and again check air gap in three equally spaced locations. Record air gap measurements.
The smallest air gap measurement must be within specified limits for air gap. Add, remove or replace shims between A/C clutch and compressor shaft end as necessary until smallest air gap is within 0.4-0.7 mm (0.016-0.027 inch).

Glen Murdock
Port Lavaca, TX
97 PG 102k
89 CR 142k


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