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Alternator Comparisons

New 04/02/2006

I decided it's time to start attempting to build a more comprehensive
knowledge base on this issue rather than relying on word of mouth (or
email, or forum), as we have been so far. This info is based on
Rock Auto's catalog. I have found similar situations in other parts
catalogs. Maybe I'll do the same side-by-side comparison for other

Any input is appreciated.


Alternator comparison based on RockAuto.com catalog listing

(My commentary in italics)


SHO                                                        Wind star


ONE+ brand, reman

#7786046, Pulley #2263 listed in description             #7786046, Pulley #2264 listed

Same part number but different pulleys are listed.  This is probably the wrong alternator for the SHO.  (Wind star Alternator with the SHO pulley)




World Wide, NEW

#92400                                                                  #92400

Bosch, reman

#AL7551X                                                             #AL7551X

World Wide, reman

#23651                                                                  #23651

ACDelco, reman

#3211832                                                               #3211832

Cardone Select, NEW

#377786N                                                              #377786N

All of the above have the same part numbers for the SHO and the Windstar—these are probably the incorrect parts for the SHO.




Beck/Arnley, reman

#1866277                                                               #1866275

Different part numbers—this is more promising.  The difference between the parts could simply be the pulleys, which would mean this is still not the correct part. 




#GLV8354RM                                                                 #GLV8383RM

Again, different part numbers is encouraging, but not a guarantee.  I suppose the fact that these are Motorcraft parts is encouraging too.  The description under the SHO listing does include the verbiage “SHO Engine,” and “32 valves,” whatever that’s worth.  I believe this is a remanufactured part, hence the “RM” suffix on the part number. 

Thanks Dan.

This is the kind of stuff that makes this list worthwhile.

Richard Wills
99 TR

I'm about to roll the dice on a replacement and I've decided my best
bet is the Motorcraft alternator. My stock alternator is slowly
dying. It can barely keep the voltage at 13.0V with no electrical
accessories on. At night w/ the headlights and HVAC running, I'm
lucky to see 12.0V at idle.

I sent a detailed inquiry to Torrie @ Fastpartsnetwork.com. He is the
man when it comes to Ford parts, so hopefully he can figure out if
indeed the alternator is supposed to be unique, or if it's shared with
another application. And hopefully he can hook me up with the right
part the first time!

Hopefully I can limp around w/ the SHO's ailing charging system for a
few more days.

Thanks Dan.
The Alternator that is Living in My Green 96 after several failed
attempts came from Cotton Ford in Carol Stream, Il.

Part # F6DZ 10V346 D RM was on the Box and Invoice.

Hope this Helps.
Eric Lehmann
97 Ebony 42k Welded - With the Angels Now so that I don't have to be.
Long Live the Garage Queen !
96 Medium Willow Green Metallic 95k Resurrected, Welded
96 Rosemist 68k Garage Queen in Training, Welded
You still have a core in good condition with some tired internals, most probably brushes or the regulator. Go find a good quality rebuild shop that will return to you your original Alternator with new internals. I am sure a conversation with the right guy will get you a little extra attention to all the details and a good load test on the test bench. Judging by all the horror stories that I read on this site, this would be the way I would go. And I might add at about 30% of what you are going to pay for OEM, if you even get the right item. If you decide to go OEM, we could discuss the purchase of your core. The quality rebuild shop that you are looking for in your area is the same shop that does the work on the fire trucks and ambulances in your community. Go ask the guy in charge of Maintenance for these emergency vehicles which shop he uses.

If I had time to pull the alternator out, hand deliver it to a rebuild
shop, and then reinstall it later when it's finished being rebuilt,
I'd probably do just that.

I'm literally betting that Torrie gets me the right part on the first
try. And if it works out for me, the rest of us will have at least a
little bit more peace of mind when the time comes to replace an

Here's Torrie's response to my inquiry:
"I have never had anyone return one of these to me :

Part Number Search Results : OEM Catalog
Item Number MSRP Core Price Price
GLV8354RM $208.43 $60.00 $175.08

Not busting on Torrie, but this was the results of the reman that I
bought from him - lasted about 2 weeks.

Larry E
97 Red


Has anyone had a new Ford alternator fail in a short time? 

Just curious.

Best Regards,
*uhhh yeah - see above! U.L.****
Now a serious question here. If you had just went to Ford to get one and
paid a bit more where would your cost schedule be now? 2 alts and 2 t-downs
and 2 replaces, knuckle scrapes and all the other bs.

This is honestly my biggest pet peeve here on this list, everyone is trying
to save every dollar and go with the cheaper places to save money when they
really spend 2 times as much in the long run.

Not directed at you Larry. You sparked , Im just spraying Berrymans on it
*produces such a nice flame - don't you think??** U.L.

Kirk J Doucette
**It's a valid point. I spent the money 2X's and through nobody's fault but my own did not send the crispie back to Torre, that is why I have no issues with him. When we were rebuilding SW9 (both times) Torrie was always there for me.

I guess I have always enjoyed doing restorations on vehicles that caught my fancy. Logically, the other ancillary components were always in need of the same type of attention. So, I got in the habit of rebuilding engines , transmissions ,transfers cases, differentials, starters, alternators, generators, steering gears, pumps etc. on older vehicles there were often very complete kits to accomplish these tasks, and with the finances I had at that age and time, it was the only way I could afford to do the project. I haven't changed my philosophy. 50 years later I am still using the same approach.
I did my own cam weld last year, with invaluable advice from you & others on this site. I know I spent more time cleaning the intake system than anyone doing it commercially could have, not cost/time effective, but it worked for me. Job turned out great, thanks to this list. Cheap?, Penny wise & pound foolish? I feel more comfortable with the expression frugal or maybe thrifty.
I did it my way and I am comfortable with it,
Larry DID Buy a Ford Alt. I put it in - THAT May have something to do
with it :-)
I tried EVERYTHING to NOT have to crawl back under MY car too. You
even wrote me off list to remind me that I OVERSPENT at Car Quest, which
I Agree. Because of Larry's Flameout I went AWAY from the Fud Alt. The
Westling Let me Down immediately and the Bosch left a bad taste in my
mouth too, so ironically I ended up with the very alternator I was
trying to Avoid and it is working well...So Far.


It was NEVER about the Money, it was about getting my Beat up carcass
out from under the car with as little pain as necessary. I'd have to
say my extra efforts were properly punished.

And I always thought your Biggest Pet Peeve was 4,637 Vendors on the
"Folks who will Weld your Cams" list.. :-)

Well then I'm sure Larry received another one in short order as there is a
warranty on all Ford parts from FORD. From the looks of that pic it looked
like it cooked up nicely, I have installed 1or 2 or maybe 200 and never seen
one like that before. Sure it could be a bad new part but I honestly would
question the install, the routing of the main battery cable is very
important and noticed at the convention that it was off of its locating pins
and flopping around. The last few times I mentioned to him about something
on his car he always stands high and stays that you worked on his car and
trusts you whole heartedly, so I don't say anything anymore.

Kirk J Doucette

***Ed Note - there are four people, none of which are Furd Employees that have worked on my car. Kirk, Eric, My BIL and me. Of those mentioned, I am probably the slowest wrench  in the West. Most likely because I check stuff three times over before I'll close the hood. **********

**Again in fairness to Torrie, I didn't have the time needed to mess around and ship back the crispy critter, and in fact still have it. I bought a New (not Reman) Alt from a friend who manages a Car Quest with a lifetime Warranty. AND in fairness to Eric, He only installed the first one, I did the other one Paying particular attention to cable routing. (My BIL with the skinny arms actually mounted it, I did all the rest) And yes, I dropped the 

I was hoping to buy a new one from Ford, for future use...
Has anyone heard anything good or bad about this google advertiser..
www.highoutputalternator.com  ?
I sent in for a quote this morning, but haven't gotten a reply yet..

Best Regards,

I'm not sure about that one, but new Ford alternators are no longer
available. It's rebuilt or bust, unless you know someone who has a
bunch of new alternators squirreled away. Kirk?! :-)

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