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Alternator Rebuilding Tips

New 8/30/05, 9/4/05

I just tore my alternator apart. It had a bad back bearing.

Looks like the bearings are common parts 6203D, the regulator/brush holder is very easy to replace and only requires the back shield to be taken off and three torx screws removed.

When my original went bad the rebuilder told me they could not get the case apart. This is because there are 5 wire joints soldered to the back half of the case. These must be broken or unsoldered to get the case off. If you work the case off a bit at a time with a large screw driver they will pull apart.

The pulley comes off easily with a 15/16" (yes another SAE size bolt) and a 1/2" impact.

Only thing I haven't checked is the diodes. Anyone have any tips on how to do this?

Other than the diodes it really is a simple alternator and except for the fact the solder joints need to be broke free an easy one to rebuild. I really don't know where they screw up when rebuilding them. Must be when they re-solder the wires to the back of the case.


The rear bearing in the alternator is relatively unprotected from the elements and too small. IMHO. I would bet it is seized now if still there. :) This is what went bad on my 2 year old rebuild. I'm sure they used new bearings but don't know the quality that was used.

I've found a couple of places that sell alternator parts but the regulators all are wrong as the SHO has the brush holder and regulator as one piece. But the alternator is not too difficult to repair. The 8 diodes all can be bought as one piece that bolts then is soldered to the outer coil.

I did find the bearings for under $10 each. Locally they were closer to $30 each. McMaster also has them for under $10. I would get Timken or other high quality. The ones I have are WBD who ever they are.

I've seen some places online that make custom alternators, maybe a better one can be built. Also have seen places that advertise all of their parts are manufactured by them.

I heard that the Windstar shares this same alternator? I'm thinking of putting an UDP on it to slow it down if I could find one. The Windstar pulley is suppose to be a bit larger too.


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