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Aluminum Sub-Frame Bushing Recommendations

New 12/6/05

Where can I get Aluminum sub frame bushings for my '97 SHO? I went to rockauto.com but I am not sure which ones to order. Thanks in advance for your help! - Candice '97 ES

I am sure you will get some responses off list with offers to sell you some. Going to the part store will not get you the bushings that you seek. They are a performance part. Not offered in the typical aftermarket parts store. If you do not get any response with someone wanting to sell you some, you can post a want to buy at www.shoforum.com ... A used set should run around 50-80$ and new ones can be had for anywhere from 85-120$. Also check ebay. They are often times on there. - Mike Yeager

FPS has them. - Douglasville GA. -Listed on SHOclub.com under SHO Links and then BUSINESSES. - Don

One may also mention that the ASB make the ride very firm and some folks do not find the change to their liking, in fact one might want to experience the effect before investing in the solid bushings vs. the OEM bushings. I have not had the pleasure, but I have heard stories from folks whose judgment I respect that the ASB are too firm for street use for the majority of owners.  - Buford

I got the aluminum subframe bushings at FPS and I haven't noticed any difference in the ride. The only effect I've noticed has been more engine vibration through the gas pedal.  - Richard Wills

I liked the increased chassis stiffness, it was the NVH I didn't care for. Too noisy IMO for a daily driver. Made the car feel like a go-cart. - Dave Garber

I think it was more than two or three people that weren't happy with them, my complaint was for a daily driver on bad roads (Illinois) that they make the car feel about 20 years older. If you remember most of the people that said they had no problem with them lived where the roads don't have ski jumps every 10 feet and craters about every four feet.

Yes they make the steering feel quicker, but that is something you can adjust for without the bushings.

Now that my '89 is a track only car for all practical purposes, I just had the ASB put back on. On the track they are a real benefit. For street driving, most people would not need or notice that much difference.

If you prize a good and quiet ride, then give the addition of ASB some second thoughts. If you don't mind a harsher ride (and it is a pretty good difference unless the rest of the suspension is super soft) then go for it.

Don Mallinson

I absolutely despised the Al SFBs.  In fact, since I swapped them out and started running Gen 3 rear SFBs at all four corners, I definitely feel like the Al SFBs are a waste unless you are building a race-only vehicle.  - Dan

I put mine on before Madison and have never looked back. I agree with Ron's assessment and Dave's in terms of handling. And yes, If I want a little then I should expect to have to give something in return. That something was the cush ride. And yes - check them every now and then and get the big cheater out to tighten them up from time to time. - Larry E

I live an hour or so south of Chicago, and I have no complaints with my ASBs.  Just my $0.02  - Daniel J Holtman

You could always contact the guys who originally made them.

Doug Lewis Ford Performance Specialists Inc.
Atlanta Georgia (770) 949-7191


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