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American Engine Installations - Has Engines

updated 9/16/02

Timothy, thanks for the mention and the willingness to have our Company on your Website. It is an honor.

Company Name: Strickland Automotive, Inc.

This is the Company I actually "supply" the engines through. American Engine Installations is a Franchise location I currently own. However, I am expanding and opening new franchise locations at a rate of 2-3 per year. My past is a direct reflection of the Customer Service and Dedication I have given our Industry. I have been employed in the Automotive Recycling Industry since 1986. I developed a Customer base that is 2nd to NONE. They are the BEST. I enjoy this business. I was the top producer in Sales in the State of Texas for my former employer Ford Motor Company and in the top three in the USA, topping most months. Now I provide used engines and transmissions to retail and wholesale customers throughout the United States through my own business. I have an edge with Ford and sister products. I have contacts that supply our Company with surplus, test, insurance, (and any other term Ford uses for write-offs), engines and transmissions. If it is out there, I can find it. I will ship throughout the USA and can provide as little as a 6 month warranty to a lifetime warranty. All warranties are limited and I will be happy to provide details regarding these. If I can be of more assistance, please do not hesitate to call me. This goes for your Club Members as well. I can be reached @ 817-477-0391, my cell is 817-528-0335, and of course my e-mail is Stricklandautomotive@charter.net.

Thank You,

Jerry Strickland
Strickland Automotive, Inc.
817-477-0391 or e-mail

I spent an evening talking to Jerry, he has a bunch of low mileage (under 10k) engines for $4100 installed. He also has transmissions cheaper than Fud.  Forget the install, I could use a few spares!!!!  ;-) Strickland should have several locations all over the US soon. Need a SHO motor or ATX call 'em. 

We had one guy spend $23,000 for a dealership rebuild. A few guys spend $13,000. This looks like a great deal.


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