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An Open Letter to Phil

new 11/15/03

No I have not done anything to the cams and if I did I would have them pinned not welded. I bought the car brand new in 96 and have done nothing but routine maintenance on it and after 110K year round miles driving in tough Minnesota weather it still runs and looks great. I plan on keeping it a long time. Maybe I got real lucky but besides the routine stuff I have not even changed a single light bulb. Knock on wood, I should hit the casino.


Phil Pinning is no longer an option as the only place that would do it will no longer work on SHO's. That and it's extremely cost prohibitive. They have gone Italian and Beemer land. I would encourage you to read some of the first hand narratives from folks who lost their cams. It's not a fairy tale. It's a flawed design. Due to the suit that I and Tim initiated against Ford for this matter I have been privy to documents obtained through discovery. While for obvious reasons I can't be specific, I can tell you that cams have failed on cars in dealers lots with under 100 miles all the way up the scale. It's not a matter of being lucky, it's simply a matter of time. All I can do as a concerned SHO owner is point you in the right direction and let you do your own research. Come to your own conclusion. They will fail. When, is the variable. Depending on where you are in MN you are only 4 or 6 hours from two highly competent mechanics who possess the skill to do this for no more than the cost of a set of tires. Again, I can't tell you what to do. I can only point you in the direction of due diligence. The decision rests solely with you. I have taken the liberty to forward this to the V8List. Look for their comments and remarks. It is indeed a case of been there, done that, and own the rights to the tee shirt. We are ready to help you, only if you want it.

Larry Eck 
Webmaster V8SHO

It's your car dude. Mine is welded. I drive it like I stole it - every day. I don't sweat the cams any more. And I cringe every time Larry or Tim have to increment that damn grim reaper counter of ours. Do yourself a favor - do us all a favor. Weld 'em. - and sign up for the honor roll.

Karl H. Kramer, Jr.
'99 TR - WELDED at 29K, 
Now 36K.

Press fit Camshaft sprockets DON'T work. Please take a look into your future. I wish you the best of luck.

Eric Lehmann
97 Ebony 37k Welded
97 Toreador Red 124k Welded, Revived Camfailure
91 Jade Plus SHO-fa

(note the special Ford "Bent Valve" design. This guy was lucky, he did not also lose the head, or block - Buford)

Your cars worth approx $4,500, probably a lot more to you if you like it and intend to keep it "for a long time". With a blown cam it's worth $1,500, look at it as cheap insurance and at 110K it needs the other things cleaned/insulated anyway. That way it could easily see 200K+ miles.

John Jones
 '99 Black 125K Welded 
'98 Duratec 45K 
'97 PG 50K Welded 
'96 TR 103K Welded

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