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Another SHO Fan Enters the World

New 5/23/05

Announcing the arrival of Elizabeth Virginia Mallinson

Making her grand entrance in Peoria, IL at 4:26pm at 17.5 inches and I think 6+ pounds.

Mother Jodie and father Ken Mallinson are both grinning ear to ear as are grandparents Don and Jan Mallinson who arrived at 7pm after a rush trip home from the 14th annual SHO International Convention in Indianapolis.

More on the convention later, when some sleep has been caught up on, but Jan and I and Ken, all thank everyone that attended and made this convention one of the best ever, and so much fun.

I hope everyone got home safe.

Don and Jan Mallinson
Proud Grandparents....again.

Congrats to proud parents and grandparents! Kids are such a blessing! Grandkids are even better I've heard because you can spoil them all day and then give them back at the end of the day. Buuuuut.......that's not something I want to find out any time soon. :-)

Please send my very best to all.

~ Beth

That's GREAT, even though I wanted Elizabeth to be the 1st baby born AT a SHO convention. I think we need lots of baby photos here to be fully informed. (smile) - Buford

Congratulations! Even from someone you haven't met. Best of luck to the newest SHOgirl! - Valentin Salgado


someone asked and I am happy to supply pictures of my new granddaughter.


A heartbreaker and bundle of joy at one day old.

Isn't life wonderful?

Don Mallinson

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