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Anselm Clarke - Cam Failure

new 5/25/02


My name is Anselm Clarke and I am the owner of a once amazing 1996 Taurus SHO. The type of car that I wanted to one day let my son drive (at least down the block). Recently I took the car in because it started sounding like a tractor. The Ford dealer assumed it was the waterpump and went into the engine with a goal of replacing this part. This part costs about 700.00 new in Canada and $450 reconditioned. When they went into the engine they found that a cam was broken. They went in the engine and welded the broken cam back to the gear to make it turn again (their words as stated on my bill). They advised me after they had welded the cam that they don't have the proper tools to fix my engine properly. They then suggested that I take it to a dealer that specialized in SVT and Cobra engines because they would have the proper tools. I was a bit confused as to why they would weld the broken cam back, but not being a mechanic I trusted they knew what they were talking about. I asked them if I would be able to drive my car to get it to the proper dealership. The service manager and a mechanic assured me that the car was drivable. So as I was paying the bill they brought my car around and left it running for me. At this time the car still sounded like crap and I drove about 2 miles to my home. The next day I was driving the car to take it into the garage with my 10 month old son and girlfriend when I heard a loud noise. This was then followed by smoke and fire coming from the engine. I pulled over got everyone out and proceeded to try and put the fire out. When I got the car towed back to my home I called the owner of the Dealership and told him what had occurred. He told me that his dealership would not take responsibility for anything that had occurred and that only a "stupid person" (his words) would drive the vehicle. I told him that only a stupid person would allow anyone to take a car that wasn't road worthy and a potential fire hazard. I thought it was important to give you some history so that you could possibly answer the following questions:

1. Can welding my cam incorrectly cause a fire.

2. I went to 2 other dealerships to get a quote on a new engine for my car (which now cannot drive). They quoted 29,000.00 Canadian not including labor to put the engine in. A used engine would cost about 15,000 Canadian. I think that this is insane, but I haven't been able to fine anyone that has engine available. Ford doesn't even have the engine in it's data base as an available part.

Can you help me?

Anselm Clarke

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