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Title: Anthony Walsh - Cam Failure #306


My name is Anthony Walsh of Glen Ellyn,Il. the anniversary of my cam failure has just past. my cams went on 8-20-02 with 45,182 miles. the constant ticking sound was getting really bad. I took my 97 SHO to pat Ken's Friendly Ford in Roselle,IL. 
The mechanic said that the noise was a bad timing chain tensioner. so they ordered one, when the part came in, it was broke! So they ordered another, when installed, the car still made the same ticking noise. the dealer admitted they never had anyone bring in a car with this kind of problem, and they didn't know what to do. So then they had a Ford engineer look at my car. Now from day one I kept saying 'I think the cams are bad". and I told the dealer about the web site, and the law suit.
Anyways the engineer told the dealer "before you rip the car apart, start it" (editors note - more cars have been destroyed by this than the owners driving them!).They did and the engineer said "the cams are bad!". So the dealer ordered all new cams and new heads with labor totaling to $5025.29. Luckily I had an extended warranty and just had to pay my $100.00 deductible. The dealer had my car for 37days. now one year later my warranty is 3000 miles from being up and I'm back to where I started with factory cams in my SHO

Anthony Walsh

Ed note: I have strongly suggested to Mr. Walsh that he contact one of the competent welders close to him to repair his "new" defective Cams.


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