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August Garcia - Cam Failure #598

New 9/12/05


Hello my name is August Garcia and I own a 1997 SHO (Red), vin# 1FALP54N6VA270451. My address is (del). I car only has 84,000 miles on it and I just found out today that I will need "major engine work". The mechanic I took it to said he has never seen any problem like the one I have. He told me I would be better off finding someone who might know more about the engine. All he said to me was something about the cam and a sprocket and ......the rest is foreign to me. I saw that you had problems as well and I am interested in knowing what your problems were. I had read about needing to weld the cams or something...I am lost and could use some helpful info. if you have it.

Thanks a bunch,

August Garcia

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