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Back in the Saddle Again

new 3/13/02

I apologize, I lost E mail on Jan 19th,  MSN took almost 5 weeks to fix my E mail account. Talk about Bozos. I never changed the contact information and thanks to MSN I lost a few thousand E mails on their server by the time my account was fixed.

And I thought AOL was a mess, Any mail sent to me Jan-Feb is lost forever, so any cam failures, directory updates, transmission failures or IMRC failures need to be resubmitted.

Life moves on, Doug Lewis is welding about one cam job a week, has finished about 24 cars as of March 11th - all without problems.

Vadim is working on a 4.0L kit which should be a torque monster. Doug did a 3.0 Contour over bore using a SHO Shop small block and that car is a torque monster. 

I sent for a Marauder promo but honestly the way FOMOCO treats us I have little loyalty to them. You can't blame UAW for Ford refusing to talk to us about cam failures. This is management problem at its worst.

Remember Bob Bennett? He called me with his 2nd ATX failure in 50k. I still recommend the FPS shift kit for rebuild reliability.

And I guess we are getting a rash of IMRC failures. They have a little plastic cam on the inside which self destructs. The plan is to get a replacement from anyone on our vendors page and fix it yourself. 

Doug Lewis notes that the lower intake which contains the butterfly valves tends to gunk up on the secondary side so when they weld cams the now clean up the lower intake too. No small job, it requires several cans of carb cleaner and a few hours of elbow grease.

Thanks for your indulgence.

Tim Wright



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