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Bama Cam Weld

new 6/6/03

Hi, I just wanted to let you know, that we have a Tech in our shop who will weld the cams on the Gen 3 SHO's at the current rate of 12 hr's labor.

Currently our labor rate is @ $55.00/hr

Gary Dunsford
Johnson Ford Inc.
1828 South Main St.
Atmore, Alabama

Ph# 251-368-2135
Fax# 251-368-2642

Robert Lookhoff

I would like to know how many he has done? 

RE> Johnson Ford

you know this is NOT a Ford authorized procedure?

Timothy Wright

Yes I know this is not a Ford authorized procedure and this is his 1st one, and the car belongs to me, we are an independent ford dealer, select dealer if you will but this man is a master tech and a good welder.

He did an excellent job on my 97 sho.

I asked him 3 times if he was sure, and he said yes.

He practiced on 3 pieces of inert steel of similar thickness and composite to be sure of his MIG settings.

My car no longer ticks.

I also told him I was going to submit his name for cam weld procedure on the net and he was enthusiastic and confident, I trust him implicitly.

No he will not do this on any SHO's that may have an extended warranty, customer pay only.

I do not want to discourage Gary in any way. I will add him to "folks who will weld your cam"

He may want to read http://www.v8sho.com/SHO/CamWeldToDoList.htm

Folk who get their cams welded now expect the "full treatment"


I've taken care of all the preliminaries, IE: the Harness repair and so on.

I do that my self, we are not going into this blindly, we both know the consequences.

We work as a team, this is a known problem that is over looked by both Yamaha and Ford.

Just trying to help others that may need it.

Perhaps Ford will step up to the plate one day, perhaps not, but in the mean time, we must keep our beasts on the road.

(Trivia here), I acquired this car from a trade in, dealer did not know about the cam issue, I did.

They were going to wholesale it, because of the engine noise, I decided this car had many more blacktop miles left in her and bought it.

They didn't want to pay to fix it, and I decided it was worth the effort.

One more SHO still on the road. :-)

I can provide pictures of the weld and harness repair if you like.

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