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Barbara Walters - Cam Failure #200

new 1/30/03


I just had my SHO towed from PA to MD (to a site I found on the V8SHO website) to have the camshafts welded. My SHO actually has 96,297 mi. which I guess considering a lot of other people had much less miles, I was lucky. However, it is still, in all, an unexpected expense for me. Also, after doing more research on the site, possibly I should not have had them welded, but too late now. In all, I guess my cost will be between $1,500-$2,000. I originally had my car towed to a Ford dealership. They quoted me $6,000 for repairs. They were going to replace the cams. They ended up charging me $275 for what dismantling they did and diagnosis. However, I actually told them more with all the info. I pulled off the website. I, also, was fortunate in that I had not yet ruined my engine. When my car starting knocking, my husband told me to stop using my car and saved my engine.

Do you know a number at Ford, or contact, that I can register my complaint?

Also, I did call the law firm handling the class action suit to possibly have my name added to the, I'm sure, ever growing list.

Barbara Walters 

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