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Barry Broering - Cam Failure #100

new 8/17/01

Hi Tim.

I have a 97 SHO with cam gear failure.

1997 SHO

Vin # - 1FALP54NOVA271787

Date of failure - 7/22/2002

Mileage at failure - 67,909

Bent valves in #'s 5, 6, and 8 cylinders (replaced 8 valves, crankshaft assembly, gaskets, etc.)

Service advisor contacted regional supervisor twice for compensation, declined both times (Ford program called PO5 deals with out of warranty repairs. Under the PO5 program, the dealer would be reimbursed at 75% of warranty costs)

Authorized Ford dealer - Duthler Ford Grand Rapids, Michigan

Car fixed 8/16/2002

Total price of repairs (out of pocket, no assistance) = $ 3,289.91

I have contacted Ford Customer Assistance on 8-2-02, 8-4-02, 8-13-02, 8/14/02, 8/15/02, and 8/16/02. They will not help because the car is out of warranty and the regional supervisor has declined any assistance. My case number is 1649772142

If you or someone associated with trying to resolve these issues should need to contact me, please use the information provided below. Best regards,

Barry Broering

Business email - bbroering@nthconsultants.com

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