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Be All  You Can Be, Be A Hemorrhoid To Ford

new 1/07/03, updated 10/30/03

Thanks to the Ford Explorer debacle the old US Congress lost sympathy with Ford Motor Company trying to explain to law makers why they did such a poor job of keep tabs on consumer complaints.

The result was the TREAD Act Law. As of April 1st 2003 Ford MUST keep tabs and collate all consumer gripes, past,  present and future.

As of  last summer Ford MUST have had a wheel barrow of owner complaints from SHO owners. They HAVE to keep track of every last phone call. Get your VIN put it on a post it note by your PC with this phone number.

       - or -

You can be a hemorrhoid on Fords behind. Call them this week, call them next week, call them every week until they send you a check.

Be nice because we are a classy group and Ford out sourced this to designated complaint takers who did NOT build your car.

Tell them you are very concerned, Ask them how many other folks have the same concern. When they tell you nobody else called ask them to annotate that on their record of the call.

Without being rude you might ask if they had SHO calls up to their knees would you tell us? How about if you had phone calls up to your chair? Ask 'em how how high the stack of complaints would have to be? How about if they have to hire more folks to answer the phones and they all had complaint up to their eyebrows?

You get the idea, they yawn and lie to us hoping we go away. But we know someday a judge or jury will want to know how they told 20,000 or 100,000 callers all calling about v8 cams that Ford was never were aware of this issue. Every phone call is like another brick in their row boat. They will not admit it, but each call busts their chops.

Ford has until 1/10/03 to read their mail, then they have 45 days to respond. I don't expect anything useful to happen on the legal front for at least 6 months. But between now and then we can all call Ford at least once a week. Open Word, take notes on the conversation. Save the file call them again same time next week, keep a log., let them know you are keeping a log. 

No boundaries! 
Be a hemorrhoid to Ford.

Did my part last night. After I explained the failure I had in Nov. 2001 he asked me exactly "So what is the problem that you are experiencing now?" I said "I have four of the same design and manufacture camshafts in my motor now, I am sure any reasonable person would consider that a problem and would you not want some assurance that you were not looking at another identical failure with the other 3 and the replacement?". He then said "let me put you on hold for just a minute and get you transferred to the correct department". He came back on about 3 minutes later giving me the "thank you for you concern we will forward your concern to the engineering department blah, blah, blah."

He did confirm he had my call from last May but no record of the December 2001 or the February 2002 calls.

Carter Fuji
Just another former customer and millions of Fords dollars
'97 ES SC
Greenwood, AR.

thanks to Blue Oval News

STOP Screwing Around With 1-800 Numbers. Call Ford's Executives DIRECT! 
 Ford Customer Service Division Manager (added 10-25-03)
Jay D. Klahn. 313-845-7335 or fax 313-845-8999. 
 Manager, Northeastern States
Phil J. Perry. 313-205-7075 
 Manager, South, Southeast States 
Andrea A. Caldwell. 313-205-7082 
 Manager, North, Midwest States
Kim S. Peterson. 313-205-7079 
 Manager, Western States
 Chris J. Reames. 313-205-7087 
 Vehicle Warranty Issues
Steve DeAngelis (313-323-8897) 
 Dealer-Customer Relations
Pat Hoye (313) 248-8336
 Ford Customer Service Communications
Linda Perry-Lube (313-845-5744) 
 Ford Customer Care Manager
Kim Goering 313-390-5410 
 Vehicle Recall Manager
Frank Ligon (313-323-8467) 
 Ford Investor Relations
Anne Bork (313) 323-8221 
 Ford Lemon Law Assistance
Peggy Bowers (313) 845-4743 
Ford Secret Warranties: 
"If You Don't Ask, Ford Won't Tell." 
Focus - Secret Warranty
Ford Tells Dealers They May Need To Replace Control Arms On 2000-2004 Focus Models Due To Premature Tire Wear.
17 October 03. BON. Robert Lane. 
2003 Expedition, Navigator 4x4 Models With Defective Front Axles.
14 September 03. BON. Robert Lane. 
Secret Warranty
2003 Crown Victoria, Grand Marquis, Town Cars Have Defective Axles.
29 August 03. BON. Robert Lane. 
Secret Warranty
2000-2003 4.6L V8 Crown Victoria, Grand Marquis Engines May Have Factory Defects.
11 August 03. BON. Robert Lane. 
Secret Warranty
Crown Victoria, Grand Marquis May Have Defective Front Coil Springs.
07 August 03. BON. Robert Lane. 
Crown Vic - Special Advisory
According To A Ford Memo, Defective Rims On 2003 Crown Vics "Could Lead To Personal Injury And Possible Death."
06 August 03. BON. Robert Lane. 
2003 Navigator, Expedition Seats Rusting
Ford Tells Dealers They May Need To Replace The Seat Frames On 2003 Navigators And Expeditions Due To Rust - But Ford May Never Notify Consumers.
04 August 03. BON. Robert Lane. 
2003 Cobra Engine
Ford Memo: 2003 Mustang Cobras May Have Defective Engine Cylinder Heads.
29 July 03. BON. 
Crown Vic Exhaust/Emissions
Ford To Replace Incorrect Exhaust/Emissions Parts Installed At Factory And Dealerships.
28 July 03. BON. 
6.8L V10 Engine
Ford Tells Dealers To Replace 6.8L V10 Engines In 2003 Vehicles After Discovering Defects.
23 July 03. BON. 
6.0L PowerStroke Engine
Early 2003 PowerStroke 6.0 Engines Are Ticking Time Bombs.
07 July 03. BON. 

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