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Best Source for Quality Coils

New 1/07/05

I can get coils for $72 from the local Autozone. Are they decent > quality? How about plugs if I want some of the decent copper ones > mentioned.

Jim Heaton

I had back to back Camwelding customers, about 2 weeks ago, who provided coils they wished installed in place of bad ones. Both sets of coils were ordered from MURRAYS. One was Motorcraft, the other was Wells brand. Motorcraft cost $108.00. Wells cost $59.00. Even the little numbers cast into the plastic plugs were IDENTICAL. The only difference I noticed Except price was the fact that the Wells Coils Come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty in the box and the Motorcraft did not.

I'll be going with the $59.00 Murray's coils from here on Myself.

 Eric Lehmann

OK I got three of the $59 coils at Murrays with 5 more on order. One of them has the Motorcraft sticker and part number on it! The rubber boot had a slightly different finish but other than that they seem to be the same.

The Motorcraft plugs could not even be ordered until Monday, and then 7 days. I will probably try the dealer on Monday.


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