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Blinking CEL


I have a blinking CEL, new one for me, since any other time its just come on solid. Pulled the code and got Cyl. 1 misfire, but the CEL still continues to blink under normal operating conditions. Looks like I'll have to pull the intakes for this one

Bill T.
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Lucky you. You got a cel and know which coil to change. Geeeez.....wish I was so lucky. Thought blinking cel meant it's still missing?

k mier

Blinking CEL means the miss is bad enough that to preserve the catalytic converter the injector pulse has been shut off to quit pumping unspent fuel into the exhaust.

Scott K
Blinking means it is misfiring at THAT second. I would suggest you don’t drive until you fix. Otherwise, melted cat (assuming injector is firing).

Paul L Fisher
Yup had that last weekend on the 96 - except  mine was easier - 0305. First swapped coils, fired it up and instantly started blinking again. Pulled the plug, put in new one - buy buy blinky.

Larry Eck
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