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Boost PSI & the Humiliation Factor

new 7/02/03

In a message dated 7/1/03 4:34:31 PM Central Daylight Time, arayburn@comcast.net writes:

well, I was thinkin of goin 13 or 14 psi with a procharger on top of the intercooler. 

Personally, for humiliation factor I carry my granddaughters baby seat in the back and put on an old Halloween gray wig when blowing off Accuras to Vettes.

I don't know what you have done to your motor but other then replacing the rods and going to lower compression pistons the stock units will expire at 10 to 11 psi. The intercooler is designed to work with a TURBOCHARGER where the heat soaking from the heat-retaining cast iron exhaust driven turbine migrates over to the heat absorbing aluminum of the intake side compressor. Temps of the case and impeller are found over 500 degrees. The temps I read on my SUPERCHARGER compressed intake air never exceeded 145 degrees on full boost and actually started dropping as it came up onto 8 psi. 

I find it real hard to believe that you are ever going to get intake temps from even 16 psi exceeding the rise you will get off the EGR. Of course this is provided the engine you put that much boost on holds up to that pressure. 

Carter Fujibayashi 
Greenwood, AR.
'97 ES 10 psi Supercharged and quite happy

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