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Brad Bender's New List Rules


1. No Pornography.
2. No F-bombs.
3. Steer away from politics and religion. Discuss and debate offlist all you want.
4. This list is not an advertising agency, nor is it a Thrifty Nickel - Please don't post prices.
5. Personal attacks and name-calling have no place on the list.
6. The topic of beer is allowed - no, encouraged - and barely qualifies as OT.
Personal attacks and name-calling have no place on the list, and will NOT be tolerated. While it remains a challenge to convey and interpret intent and emotion through emails, there is a vast difference between good-natured ribbing and abusive and destructive language (don't count on smiley faces to cover your butt!). In the interest of keeping peace on the list, I intend to err on the conservative side, and will have UL pull the plug on perceived violators, who will not be welcomed back until they come to the principal's office. These will be judgment calls, but I'll try to be fair and consistent. You all (list members) can help out immensely by being CIVIL to one another. (Civil - Merriam Webster defines that as being "adequate in courtesy and politeness; mannerly".) I think we can all do that.

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