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Brad Raymond Cam Weld Experience

New 8/10/05


My name is Gary Harris. Great website, Can I get on the owners directory? Here is my info for the directory.

Gary Harris, Vancouver, B.C., 97 Red.

I have recently purchased a red 97 SHO. I saw it on the lot, searched SHO on the WEB, found V8SHO and got real interested. It only had 78000 Kilometers (not miles) on it, very very low. I found the 'Folks who will weld your cam". On my way to Vacation in Oregon Coast, I took it to Brad Raymond in Seattle area. (listed on your site, this is a great guy for Pacific North West US/Canada Welds.) He was super helpful, lent me a car and gave me and my lady things to do in the area. Sent me on my way with a CD of Digital pic's of the Weld, and did everything within 5 hours.

Also, Any Idea of how I can reset the Keypad on the door and set a new code?

thanks for your time and dedication to keeping the site current... Thanks



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