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Brian Cam Failure # 294

New 5/23/2004

**Note the numbering is out of sequence due to a previous error**

Hello I'm the not so proud owner of a 1998 V8 ford Taurus SHO. Before I
owned this car I owned a 91 SHO PLUS and I loved it I wish I still had
it however it seams now that I've done a little research I've found that the
newer SHOs have chronic camshaft problems a little too late for this SHO.

As I was headed down I-95  I began to hear a slight clicking sound as I slowed and was about to pull off a horrible sound emitted form under the hood and the car shut down.

When I got it home $120 towing bill later I discovered that the sprocket
has spun off the cam itself and has caused total loss as far as I can

Well enough about my horror story the question I wanted to ask is
who should I contact about this Ford or Yamaha as I want to express my
displeasure of the poor quality of this motor. Its a true shame. I
wondered why they killed off the SHO like they did cause I was used to
the just plain beauty of the Yamaha V6 but its obvious this V8 is total
crap and  Ford, Yamaha or both knew it PLEASE HELP!!!! I WANT MY 91 any
information on how to contact Ford or Yamaha about this problem would be
helpful thank you for all you time _____________________
Brian :~(

Awaiting further facts.

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