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Broken Crank Pulley Bolt

new 07/03/2008

I didn't think I could break a crank pulley bolt. The image of E1
flying across the garage must be humorous to more than a few of you...

Anyhow, in reality, I now think the bolt was damaged by a previous
owner or his mechanic. I'm resurrecting a damaged motor that was
already partially disassembled. In the long run, it's probably
fortunate I found out about the bolt now, but it sure scared the hell
out of me wondering IF I'd ever get that puppy out of there with
typical extraction tools.

I go into surgical mode - got the drill out, got the set of easy outs
and drill bits. Picked the smallest set to start with - you can always
step up. Drill bit was a little dull, but wouldn't touch the bolt.
Switch to a titanium coated bit - Viola' !
Because of the way the threads pulled apart, it was impossible to
pilot the drill into the center of the bolt, so I just sort of aimed
for the center of where I thought "Out" would be if I drilled through
the bolt.

Gently tapped in the matching easy out and gave it a twist - "Click!"
the world is a happy place as the bolt half comes out without a fight.

Eric Lehmann
97 Ebony 42k Welded - With the Angels Now so that I don't have to be.
Long Live the Garage Queen !
97 Ebony 182k Resurrected, Welded, Experiment in progress
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96 Medium Graphite 120k - Resurrected, Welded
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