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Bruce Atherton - Cam Failure #583

New 8/5/05

Who - Bruce Atherton
What - 99 SHO
VIN - 1FAFP54N6XA246392
Miles - 90,070

Engine failed earlier this summer - Front exhaust cam let go, grand slam 8 intake valves. Repair facility (Ohda Farm Equipment) sent me a set of cams to weld for them, one of which was new in the box. Fortunately, I was able to remove the obstruction from the new cam before welding it (Loctite).

-- Eric Lehmann

Ford Loctite'd the cam or the repair shop did?

Paul L Fisher

Ford Loctite. Still in the box. I've gotten cams like this one before.  -Eric

The problem with the cams is that one usually finds out about the problem slightly AFTER compression loss. I'm a lucky one - I tripped across the cam issue while looking into a tranny problem. Just dumb luck - I believe it would have happened to me too, never THOUGHT to look. - Loukas

Wait a minute!
The cam/cams are brand new from Ford with loctite all ready on them. Wasn't it Ford that said there was no problem with the cams? Why would they loctite them if there was no problem? WTF???

k mier

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