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Bryan DiBartolomeo - Cam Failure # 264

new 5/25/03

HI, cam failure here. This is all of my information.

1. Vin # 1FAFP54NXXA278603

2. March 03, 2003

3. Malfunction was upon start up coming out of work

4. 56,000

5. 0 MPH

6. Parked

7. Bought used on August 30, 2002

8. 45,360

9. Bryan DiBartolomeo,   E-Mail- jamesmidnight@hotmail.com

10. A week or so before I heard what sounded like a valve tick. At time of  malfunction the car sputtered then started backfiring through the intake and smoke out the exhaust.

11. Did not call anyone

12. NA

13. McCarville Ford 2686 Middle Country Rd. Centereach, NY 11720   (631)585-5100

14. Dealer wanted $1600.00 to pull the heads of and I just could not afford it.

15. I pulled the left side valve cover off and saw that the sprocket had moved on the cam shaft and stopped turning, therefore bending the valves on the intake side of the cam.

16. My bill was $314.65, for towing and diagnosis.

17. Ford can satisfy me by replacing the full head assembly (of course that is assuming there was no damage to the pistons

Just wanted to add a note that Pepboys is selling rebuilt motors for $5000.00 I have my car sitting in my driveway, paying $400.00 per month for the loan. The place I bought the car from went out of business before I received my extended warranty. So I'm going to be paying for a car to sit in my driveway for the next four years. I bought the car because I have two newborns and needed a bigger car.

Thanks for your time.
Bryan DiBartolomeo

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