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Buck's Black 98 Cam Failure #681 - Part 2

New 4/19/06

This is VIN 1FAFP54N5WA241568.

A 98 with a cam failure at 149k miles. We brought her home today. Looks pretty good. Some rust bubbles on the bottom of the trunk lid and a few minor dents. Chrome on the back side of the wheels is flaking off.

Will do a complete subframe, engine/transmission swap from our totaled 99 which only had 42K on it. Then I have to catch Kirk in the area.

Did this one get listed as a failure?

BTW, I am going in the hospital this Friday. Wife is really eager to get this one on the road. Looks like I won't be able to get to it for 5-6 weeks. She has already talked to a reliable local garage that said he would do the swap for $1000. Does that sound like it's in the ball park? I'd like to tackle it myself but 1K is looking pretty good right now..

Buck Seibert
2 89s
1 92
2 94s both ATX
1 98
2 99s

Yep, Buck - you are the proud owner of #681. I don't know, $1k seems pretty reasonable to me. Looks like a good find.

Brad Bender
99 TR/Tan 75k welded


Mechanic finished the subframe/engine/transmission swap from the totaled 99 to the cam failure 98 this afternoon. Took him less than 3 workdays. Didn't want to fire right off but he found the inertia switch had been knocked open. I guess while we were moving the car. After that was reset, she fired right up. Now have a better than average looking 98 with 42k miles running gear on the road. Next thing I need is to be Kirked and I'll be a very happy camper.

Buck Seibert

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