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Bullet Muff Long Term Test

New 10/29/04

When I went to FPS this month Doug mentioned that one of my Bullet muffs had a rattle and I may want to take a closer look at it. Since replacing the SS  factory muffs at 10k it has been an annual issue. Duel exhausts and my short trips combine to eat muffs quicker than a Britney Spears marriage.

I assumed it was muffler time again. The Bullets did last three years, three times longer than anything else I tried and I tried almost everything else except Borla.  Don Mallinson sent me a set of replacement muffs and I called Bullet and talked to them as well.  The Bullet muffs do have a lifetime warranty and the representative could not not have been more helpful.  I told him of my situation, explained that I wanted to cut open a set of used Bullet muffs and take photos and put them on the web site.  If the muffs lasted 3 years that is good, if they are still good that is even better.

Bullet was all for the plan!  But there is a problem. This morning when I went to the muffler shop the Bullets passed inspection easily. The mechanic told me "I think all you have is a small stone in there, I wouldn't take off a perfectly good set of muffs for that unless you really want to."

The car sounds exactly the same three years latter.  The only thing that angers me is it takes 60k to find muffs that work well on our cars. If they still made SHO this would very useful info for new SHO owners.

Still, if you need several extra ponies, or your last set of replacement muffs just puked, Bullet muffs seem to be everything they should be and the smart ticket for SHO owners.

Buford T. Justice

Got mine in Feb. of 2000. Had some twin square tips installed at the same time. The tips fell off a couple of years ago. Last week one of the pipes in front of the muffler broke while running around Gingerman.

It was in excellent shape yet so I had them weld it back on. Sounds as good as it did when new.

Paul Nimz '97 TR
 '93 EG mtx


Most muffler shops will mig weld using a non-stainless wire (cheaper). Over time the differential coefficients of thermal expansion between the ferrous based filler and the stainless pipes will cause thermal fatigue and cracking. If they can weld it will a stainless wire it will last longer than the car.

'97 t-red (2nd broken motor)
'91 5-spd (fast and ugly)

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