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CEL Bulb Not Working


Well its that time of year again, where I do this dance with the emissions people. Third time’s the charm, right? Nope…

They kicked out a code “P0305 Cylinder 5 Misfire Detected” and got me for the Check Engine light not working.

I replaced all 8 plugs and the rear bank coils during one of the previous dances, so I’m hoping #5 is one of the fronts. So which cylinder is #5 again?

And has anyone ever had to replace the check engine bulb? I can’t find any reference as to what bulb to buy or how to get to it.

Matt Stewart
Matt, you may be suffering from a prior owners reluctance to fix a problem and decided to pull the bulb. I've seen this before when investigating a misfire that shook the engine at idle but was not giving a CEL. Pull the cluster trim piece; that is two recessed screws on the top underside then pry out at each end beyond the vent openings and along the bottom on each side of the steering column. Remove the four gold colored screws (combination torks and 7mm hex) to release the instrument cluster from the dash. Tip out the cluster end nearest the dash center, reach behind and release the three plugs supplying the cluster. The lights are labeled on the circuit panel. Twist the socket CCW to release it. Replacement bulbs and mini-sockets are available at AZ and probably other auto supply stores.



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