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CV Boot

new 11/08/2008

I have had tranny problems in my 97 TR for the last couple of months. I keep getting a flashing OD light. With Lucien's help, I have replace the pump valve and bearings. They were in good shape, but still getting the flashing OD light. Lucien and I are still trying to narrow down what is wrong with the tranny.
Today, for some reason, I looked under the car. Look what I found! Nothing on the driveway, just on the car. This mess was not there when I replaced the pump shaft. Is this a CV boot going bad or gone bad? It is a thin light brown grease like substance. There are no leaks on the tranny. I should mention that in the last couple of days, it has felt like the brakes may have been dragging. I pulled the brakes this past weekend, checked them and checked all the slider pins. All are in good shape and working properly. The felling I have is when you let off on the gas, it feels like the brakes are slightly engaged and slowing down the car. My wife's 97 PG, does not have this feeling.
So after lloking at this mess and what I am encountering, I think the CV boot has a leak and I need to replace that axel. What do you think?
Mike Bouchillon
97 PG
97 TR
97 TR (cam failure and parts car)

Looks to me like the seal is bad where the axle goes into the transmission. It is not hard to replace. Boots have black grease in them, when they get a rip they tend to sling it out due to centrifugal force.
Jay K

You need to probably also look into replacing the end links on the sway bar since the boots are shot on the one in the pic and that rear motor mount looks a little rough too.

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