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Cabin Air Filter

new 3/6/2004, updated 01/20/2005

So why in the world would anybody be interested in such a mundane, non performance enhancing maintenance item???? See below.

Cabin Air Filters.jpg (359260 bytes)

That filter was changed at my cam weld at PP+ two years ago. It was just nasty. The picture just doesn't do it justice.

Under the watchful eye of the Temple Master Zenriddles(aka as Eric) I disassembled the passenger side trim pieces. I quickly learned that the fasteners simply self destruct with the slightest change in breeze pattern. Upon removal of the upper trim, the CAF made itself apparent. Two 5/16's bolts and the top slides out and there is the filter in the pan. 
With the help of a putty knife it popped right out. 
Replace and backtrace your steps. 
I can't tell you the car is even the least bit faster, but sure smells better.
CAF: FMC3F1Z19N619AA - Ford Part #. Auto Zone has them also about $5.00 less
Fasteners - quit crying just buy em - 
FMCW704881S300 - $8.56 For a bag of 8 - enough to replace all the broken ones.


Little price update. I was quoted almost $30.00 for the Ford CAF.

Autozone has the Bosch P3760 for $12.95. You do the math.


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