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Cam Failure Class Action Suit Filed


This afternoon, the Law firm of Edelman, Combs & Latturner, LLC filed a three-count complaint Against Ford Motor Company. The complaint cites three counts all centering on Consumer Fraud. It will seek to identify a class of parties that have been/will be injured as a result of this alleged fraud.

The complaint has been assigned Case number 02 CH 22086 and was filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County Illinois, County Department, Chancery Division.

The complainants are Larry Eck, of Wheaton, IL, and Timothy Wright, of Decatur, IL.

For information regarding Edelman, Combs, & Latturner please see: Home Page , or if you are link challenged go to www.edcombs.com 

A Journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. This is what this is, nothing more. It will be a long, tedious, and at times frustrating one to travel, but if we continue to do nothing, that is what we can expect in return, nothing.

I believe I can speak for Tim as well on this. We have no expectation of outcome. We do know this - Ford will fight, they will try to discredit the claims that we will bring to bear, they will use every wiggle technique known to modern law.

All those who have been a part of the V8 community as well as those unsuspecting owners have a reason to want to see this through.

Ford has, over the years, been trying to tell us individually that this is a rare happening and it's "your fault." We know better.

Are there other issues we could fight about? You bet. Of all that are on the table right now it was decided that this was the best one to take on. Should the opportunity present itself you better believe we will do our best to slip in the ATX matter. But we must stay both focused and unified in our approach to this matter.

I committed to Tim and the other members of the "Cam Group" when I volunteered my assistance that I would get this done.

It is done.

We now will wait and watch as this works its way through the Circuit Court system.

For informational purposes only, we are filing this way to pre-empt statute of limitation issues that they may attempt to bring into play. My goal was and is still to cover every V8 GENIII whether first owner, third owner, or fifth owner.

As developments unfold you can rest assured your best source will be www.V8SHO.Com

As quickly as news becomes available, it will be disseminated.

Thanks to all who have offered assistance, you may very well be called upon when the time is at hand.

Now if the rest of you don't mind, I'm going to have a celebratory Beverage - perhaps we all should hoist a silent glass!

Larry Eck
'97 Red

Special Thanks to Larry Eck and Chris Kepus for their hard work and persistence in this issue.

If you own, or ever owned a 96-99 Ford Taurus SHO it is important you contact me with your name, phone numbers, address, year & VIN. and vehicle history.

Send all your information to Larry@v8sho.com  so we can make arrangements to get your feedback and include you in this class.

That is the preferred method of contributing input. Let's keep the playbook off the list and www.

'97 Vibrant White, 80k

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