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Cam Question

New 12/18/2004

Hi, I am a newcomer to the V8SHO Site, and I was just wondering, I mean after I looked at the site and all, I understand, now correct me if I am wrong, that the problem with these cars is that if they do not have weeded cam sprockets then they will slip and cause many engine problems. But what about the the 4.6L (96-04') SOHC engines most of their cam sprockets are pressed no too. But why wouldn't they slip? They are both from ford so if they slipped on the SHO engine, wouldn't they slip on the Mustang GT's too? Any information will help thanks!

Because by definition a SOHC engine does not have slave sprockets to time the two cams on a single head together. It is the slave sprockets that slip and kill motors on V8 DOHC SHOs.

I guess by the time Ford developed the 4.6L DOHC the figured it out, at our expense.

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As Ron said, the 4.6 DOHC engine came out a few years before the 3.4 SHO engine. All 4.6 cam sprockets, both DOHC and SOHC are bolted to the cams. If you look at a 3.4 slave cam you can see how it may have been designed for a bolted gear but, was not finished for it. If you look at the clearance between the cams and the timing cover you can see that there is no room for the setup that the 4.6 has.

Glen Murdock
Port Lavaca, TX


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